«Rencontres d’Arles»: exposiciones y eventos hasta el 21 de septiembre

arles«Arles has always been a theatre for me. Every year, for fifteen years, it becomes a citywide stage, putting photographers in the spotlight and at the microphone (or even the megaphone!) to communicate directly with their viewers. With Olivier Etcheverry’s scenography and Nicholas Champion’s teams (assisted, in particular, by Patrice Falcot), we create settings for their works on marvellous sites invented for the occasion. These designs are executed by a technical staff of over 70 people, directed by Olivier Fisher and Franck Billela (construction), Véronique Férré (painting), Etienne Esnault (lighting), Françoise Perrono (hanging), and many others: metalworkers, assemblers, movers, and runners most of them theatre and film professionals.»

By François Hébel, François Hébel, Director of the Rencontres d’Arles


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